May 26, 2011

The Body and Soul of Social Media

The Body and Soul of Social Media

Like the human being, social media 'lives' because of a dynamic relationship between body and soul.

Media existed before social. What changed in consumer media consumption and brand marketing that gave rise to this dynamic relationship?

(iPhone photos taken @BigFuel, edited with @Dipticapp)

Technology. Technology is the body of social media; it's the skeletal structure and driving force behind media consumption and brand marketing.

People, more specifically consumers are the soul of social media. Without them, the technology would be purposeless. They empower the technology and utilize it for two reasons:

  • value
  • recognition

Now Get This
When the DNA of technology is created (by engineers, developers and entrepreneurs) to match the DNA (value and recognition) of the consumer, like two matching pieces in a puzzle, a successful relationship develops, and the social media body soul dynamic is a success story (think Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp). Once this dynamic exists, it can be leveraged by brands to create their own success stories (think Dell, Starbucks and Whole Foods).

The Take Home
Social marketers are in a unique position to innovate new technologies. Poised between brand and consumer we understand very well what both parties are searching for in the digital space.

Take for example, my favorite new startup Local Response. The company, co-founded by @LeakeKathy provides marketers the ability to reach consumers across multiple location-based services in real time via mobile devices. This platform is intelligent technology, and I am excited to watch its growth.

If you work in social marketing: innovate. You may be surprised how far you can climb.

Did I just drop a hint?


  1. Congratulations Michoel...! Cant wait to read =)

  2. I like the DNA analogy. You could also say that the technology is like the enzyme that binds to a cell (the consumer), and leads to a chemical reaction that moves the cell/consumer into a new state in which he/she is motivated to buy a product.