October 17, 2011

Big Fuel Social Labs

Big Fuel Social Labs

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Can you imagine social technology one year from now?

The cookie dough ice cream is running low. A microchip embedded in your freezer and connected to your Facebook account alerts you via Siri:

“Your Haagen-Dazs chocolate chip cookie dough is running low—your friend Seth is a fan of Ben and Jerry’s on Facebook and praised Chunky Monkey in a Tweet. Shall I order you a pint?”

Welcome to Big Fuel Social Labs.

In six months at Big Fuel I have analyzed and evaluated more than 220 social media vendors, ranging from social media management systems (SMMS) to video distribution platforms and backend Facebook tab development services. The primary purpose of my evaluations is to determine how to leverage these emerging technologies for our clients.

Social media is fueled by brands, content and consumers, but its DNA is technology. To engage audiences and increase marketing ROI, marketers need to react to the rapid and complex changes in technology. Now we have created Big Fuel Social Labs—an educational playground to share with you this emerging social technology and how it affects marketers, brands and consumers.

One current example: Hootsuite has just acquired Geotoko, a service for running location-based marketing campaigns. According to Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes, “Geo-location will be the hot-point addition to every savvy marketers mix in 2012 and beyond.” The questions that now arise: How do we create marketing campaigns that utilize location-based services, what technology should we employ, and how do we measure location-based ROI?

The solution: Big Fuel Social Labs.

Stay tuned for cutting edge social technology, trends, exclusive interviews and insightful videos. 


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  1. Michoel, good luck on the new blog! I look forward to checking up on the lab as your work progresses. See what's in the beakers!