February 20, 2012

The Future of Social Technology

Kincaid & OginceThe Social Media Week speaking track continues! Catch inside - my fire-side chat with Jason Kincaid of @TechCrunch. The topic: The Future of Social Technology.

Social media is fueled by brands, content and consumers, but its DNA is technology. Human culture is advancing at the speed of social technology innovation. However, to engage audiences and increase marketing ROI, marketers need to react to the rapid and complex changes in technology. With an accurate adoption of social platforms marketers will meet the consumer in the midst of a human culture wave – increasing engagement, branding and social ROI. Join us as we share with you a forecast of social tech trends – topics will range from humanizing social technology, social media management systems, social commerce, social TV, social gaming and how these will affect marketers, brands and consumers.

Below is a link to the event (broadcast and recorded on Livestream):

Link: http://new.livestream.com/smwnybiz/FutureSocialTech/videos/172101

Note: This is Livestream's new product and I have confirmed with them (at present) there is no embed code.

Michoel (@Twabbi)

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