November 7, 2012

Windforce Ventures - VC For Social & Mobile Technology

As Founding Partner I am excited to share the launch of Windforce Ventures - a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage social media and mobile technology investments.

Headquartered in NYC, @WindforceVC is spearheaded by investment wizards and social media technology entrepreneurs.

Since mid 2012 we have been hard at work (beyond midnight and into sunrise!) ideating, strategizing, building and investing.

The firm's DNA is built on 'intelligent' investment principles. An investment strategy we have formulated that avoids investing for (primarily) portfolio quantity or fear of missing of out.

The strategy allows for a thorough analysis of:
  • team
  • product and 
  • market disruption

Beyond investment strategy, we are focused on in-house advisorship to help entrepreneurs build thriving companies.

We are proud to launch with our first 3 investments @SocialiQNet, @WinstonNetwork and @MobileRoadie. Be sure to read more about our portfolio at Windforce Ventures.

Before I run and most importantly Hi5's all round to my phenomenal team members.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Michoel - @Twabbi

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